Our services
We love games and make our own. So we know very well what it takes to make a game look awesome. We are masters in creating 3D assets, animation, technical art and level design.
UE Environment
NASCAR 21: Ignition
We have created several playable locations
for the famous racing franchise.
Desert camp
Abandoned buildings in the desert,
which are being explored by a modern airship.
Dump of old cars on the outskirts
of a large metropolis. A great place
to weave your web.
Stranger village
Location for a horror story about a Russian village.
Strange things are happening here.
Wine park
A series of videos for a visit center of the wine park. We recreated the environment and architecture, showed its past and present.
Creation of Earth
A story about the formation of the Earth. About the time periods from a huge piece of rock in space to the appearance of man.
Our Game Project

Take your ship and capture flying fortresses!
A flight simulator with elements of strategy and RPG.
The core of our team has over 12 years of experience with high-quality 3D graphics. We have worked on films, advertisements, shows, presentations, artist performances, and multimedia installations.

Now we have transferred all knowledge to work with real-time graphics and Unreal Engine. We create content really quickly, with good optimization and awe-inspiring visuals. So, that's why we FSTR.